How do you measure my account limits?

The maximum limits on your account are measured from your first top-up, received or sent payment after you opened your Payfriendz account. Account limits begin to reset a year from that date. 

If you end up reaching a limit on your account you might not be able to make any more payments, receive them or top-up. These do get reset but not all at once; it works on a rolling basis dating back to your first payment activity following registration.

Let's imagine it like this:

You registered for a Payfriendz account on 1st September 2015.

1st top-up / received payment for £10 - 1st September 2015

2nd top-up / received payment for £20 - 4th September 2015

And so on till your annual limit is reached.

Your limit starts resetting on the 1st September 2016 when £10 becomes available for a top-up or received payment. You can load another £20 on the 4th September 2016.

If you would like an account statement to check your previous history just ask one of our support team ( who will be happy to provide one.

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